Step 5 – Make Room For God

You did it!  You made it to the last step!  Before we finish these steps, let’s have a little recap.  What have we learned so far?  Well, for one thing we learned we aren’t who we thought we were.   I’m not the Molly who thinks she needs to color her hair and look a certain way and act a certain way and gets mad when things don’t go her way.  The outside Molly is someone I unconsciously created to get through this life with as little pain as possible.  She is chock full of defenses I created to keep me from feeling like I’m not loved.  The real Molly has been long buried.  The real Molly is my soul.  I don’t have a soul – I AM a soul!  I am a soul that has been buried.  I have forgotten that I am a truly powerful, miraculous, being that has the Spirit of God living in my soul.  I have forgotten that I am pure, undiluted love.  Wow.  That’s a lot to wrap your brain around.

I’ve also learned that every time something happens to hurt my feelings it stirs up my deeply buried fear of not being loved and worse, that I’m unlovable.  Over time, this fear has turned into a giant fear monster.  So, when something happens that stirs my fear monster, it hurts me.  I’m just scared to death of this monster, so instead of looking at it and facing it and releasing that fear to God, I get mad at the person who stirred it up.  Or I get mad at myself for not being good enough or pretty enough, or smart enough or just enough.  Or I get anxious. Or I get depressed.  The fake, outside Molly says “Hey I don’t like to be hurt.  I sure don’t want to have that happen again.  But, instead of looking at my fear monster, I just blame other people or myself – take a step away from Spirit and put up a block to keep that pain out.  I don’t want to think about the things I’m grateful for and I really don’t want to be grateful to anything even remotely related to what happened to me.  Put up 2 more blocks and take a couple more steps away.  I’m so mad at the person who hurt me that I told everyone what they did to me.  It’s possible that I might have even embellished the story a little to make me look better.  I put lots of negative energy out there so I opened the door wide for negative energy to waltz right into my life.  More pain is coming and I gave it an engraved invitation.  Put up 5 blocks and move 5 steps away.  Look at where I am.  Look at the wall I’m making.  Who made that wall?  Did God make it?  Is it His fault I’m so far away from Him?  Did the people who made me mad build that?  I made that wall. I made it.  Only I can take it down.  I won’t be happy with it there, so it has to come down.  These steps to contentment are the tools to take down the wall.  I think it’s time to move on to step 5, don’t you?

I’m ending the steps to contentment with making room in your head for God.  Our minds get so cluttered up with stuff, that we just focus on what’s happening to us and on what our problems are.  We completely forget about what’s important.  We forget about what the whole purpose of our life is – to reconnect with our soul.  It’s sort of like being in junior high.  Remember those days?  You think that your social life and friendships are the most important things in the world.  Most of your thoughts are about them.  You go to school, just so you can hang out with your friends – your actual school work is just something you have to do to see your friends.  They are everything.  Having them, not having them, keeping them, losing them.  That whole social soap opera is everything to you.

The drama of your social life made up most of your thoughts.  But, now that you can look back on it, was that really the most important thing?  Were your friends really more important than school?  Were they really more important than your family?  Did you really need to put so much of your energy into them?  For most of us the answers are no.  But that’s exactly what most of us are still doing.  Most of us (myself included) are in spiritual middle school.  We’re focusing all of our energy and attention on our families and work and responsibilities, and heartaches and fun and relationships.  But, we aren’t focused on getting closer to the Spirit of God in our soul.  I’m talking about getting to know God again.  I’m talking about spending time with Him in your soul.  I’m talking about noticing that you’re actually connected to Him.

So how do you reconnect with God?  How do you talk to Him?  How do you feel Him?  You have to turn off the noise in your head.  You have to stop, for a few minutes and just empty your mind.  This is actually what meditation is – emptying your mind.  Meditation is just a word used to mean quieting your mind.  Meditation is turning off all that noise that constantly runs through your head so you can block out your outside self and spend time with your inside self, which is the Spirit of God.  Meditating can bring us to God.  Huh.  Ok.  How do we do that?  It ain’t easy.  Let me tell ya.

I’ve tried to meditate off and on over the years, but it never seemed to work.  I couldn’t shut my brain off.  I couldn’t just sit still doing nothing.  I couldn’t chant like a Buddhist monk.  I just couldn’t do it.  Now I know why I couldn’t do it.  I was trying to do it like everyone else did and that just wasn’t for me.  But, I think the biggest reason that I couldn’t meditate was because nothing I ever read about it talked about visualizing God while I did it and using that time to just be with Him and feel Him in me.  I just thought I had to quit thinking for a while.  Of course it never worked!  All of the books I read left out a key part!  I also found out there is no right way or wrong way to meditate – you do what works for you.  Amazing!  You don’t even have to call it meditation.  You can call it hanging out with God.

I said before there is no right or wrong way to meditate and that’s both right and wrong.  Could I confuse you more?  There’s not a right or wrong method to use, but you need to focus on your Spirit while you do it.  You need to really visualize and try to see God’s Spirit inside of you while you’re meditating.  This is actually hanging out with God.  To start out, it helps to be in a quiet place.  After you practice it a lot, you can do it anywhere.  But, I still need a quiet room.  I do this all day long.  In the morning when I first wake up, in the afternoon, and in the evening and anytime I have a few minutes of nothing to do.  Instead of hopping on facebook, just do and think about nothing (still kinda like being on facebook).

I still haven’t told you how I meditate.  When I first started, I would close my eyes and start doing deep breathing – in through the nose for a count of 4, hold it for a count of 2 and out through the mouth for a count of 6.  Then I would visualize myself in my happy place.  For me that’s a mountain meadow.  I would really try to see that meadow.  I would hear the birds and smell the flowers.  I would feel the warm sun on me.  I have a whole little routine that I do in my meadow and I end up laying on a warm rock.  That’s when I move on to visualize what I think God looks like.  I usually see Him as a bright, warm glowing light.  Now, when I meditate, I usually just jump right to this visualization.  I picture this glowing light all around me and I visualize myself being completely at peace.  When a thought jumps into my head, I just gently picture it going up into the sky and poof, disappearing.  Thoughts always pop in our heads, but they get fewer and further between as you do this a lot.  To start out, you probably will only do this for about 5 minutes, but it will keep growing and building.

When I’m busy or I’m at work where it’s nosier, I’ll do a different kind of meditation that uses words.  Using words or sounds can help to keep thoughts from popping in.  It also helps to put you “in the zone”.  I have a meditation bracelet that I made to use for this and I think I’m going to also make a meditation “belt” to use.  The bracelet’s nothing fancy.  It’s just a stretchy bracelet with round beads.  One bead is bigger than the others.  I start with the first bead after that big bead and I say the same words (out loud if I can) for every bead until I get back to the big bead.  Then I say a different line.  I have 3 lines of words that I use.  So for me it goes like this:

1st round start with small bead and say: “Guide me to Your Spirit in my soul”

I say this for every bead until I reach the bigger bead.

Visualize: A warm, glowing light surrounding me / or (if I’m upset) I see myself

sitting on God’s lap while He just holds me.

Bigger transition bead I say: “With gratitude for all things, I humbly pray”

2nd round say: “Help me to see Your Spirit in the souls of others”

Visualize: A bright light coming out of me and connecting to a bright

light that comes out of lots of other people around me.

Bigger transition bead I say: “With gratitude for all things, I humbly pray”

3d  round say: “Help me to know and release my fears”

Visualize: My fears floating up and away

Bigger transition bead I say: “With gratitude for all things, I humbly pray”

I try to do this set of 3 lines for at least 3 rounds.  So, I go around the bracelet once with the first line, then I go around for the second line and the third line and I repeat that for at least 3 times.  Sometimes I just do it until it feels right to stop.  Sometimes I don’t use the beads, I just do the visualization.  Whatever works for you is fine.  Remember it’s not what you do, it’s why you’re doing it.  To hang out with God.

You can change these words to whatever makes sense and works for you.  You can change the visualization to whatever works for you.  This just works for me.  The point is not what words you use or what visualization you see – the point is to really try to feel God’s presence inside of you.  It’s to feel the Spirit of God in you and just be.  Just be.  Don’t do, just be.

There are about a million different ways to do this and you should research them to see what works for you.  You could use a guided meditation like head space or you could do it on your own.  Again…. whatever works for you.  But no matter what style you like to use, thoughts are going to pop into your head.  In the beginning they’ll pop in a lot.  There are lots of things you could do with those thoughts.  You could just picture them floating away.  You could say to yourself, “It’s just a thought” and erase it.  You could say to yourself “quiet” and push it out.  Whatever works.  The point is, you need to sit in quiet and push the thoughts that make up the outside you, out of your head while you try to dust off God and find Him.  Really try to see your image of Him and feel Him with you.  He’s there hanging out with the real you in your soul.  He’s just been covered up by all the stuff that clutters up your head.  We keep burying Him under clothes.  Meditating is not easy.  It’s not for lightweights.  It takes practice and work and persistence, but you WILL get better at it.  You WILL get rewards for it.  Great big huge rewards.  Giant rewards.  Really, really, really great rewards.  Get the picture?  It’s worth it.

So, take a few minutes every day, as many times a day as you can, to stop what you’re doing and focus on the inside you.  The you that is pure love.  The you that you’re meant to be.  The you that is in God’s image.  The you that is your spirit and soul.  I really believe that we all meet back up with the inside us when we die, but wouldn’t it be cool to meet up before then?  Wouldn’t it be cool to connect with God before we die?  Wouldn’t it be cool if we could hang out with Him now?  You can.  That’s what meditation is.  Meditation is hanging out with God.  How incredible!  Happy meditating!!

Wishing both the outside you and the inside you, all the peace in the world,