Would the real Molly please stand up?

I’m learning something that people have known forever and I’m just now getting.  Meditation is AMAZING! And – it doesn’t have to be what you probably think it is.  So I’ve tried meditation lots of times over the course of my life.  And it never worked.  I couldn’t shut my brain off.  I couldn’t just sit still doing nothing.  I couldn’t chant like a Buddhist monk.  I just couldn’t do it.  Now I know why I couldn’t do it.  I was trying to do it like everyone else did and that just wasn’t for me.  I found out there is no right way or wrong way – you do what works for you.  Amazing!  So the how isn’t nearly as important as the why.  Why meditate?


Meditation is just a word used to mean quieting your mind.  Trying to turn off all that noise that constantly runs through your head.  Why do we need to turn off the noise?  Lots of reasons.  It calms you down.  It relaxes you.  It helps you to focus.  It helps you to find answers to questions you have.  It helps you to love people more.  It helps you to receive more love from other people.  It helps you to enjoy your life more.  The list goes on and on and on.  But what it all boils down to is…. when you get past everything else to the very bottom root thing that meditating does…. It connects you with God.  WOW!!!  Sign me up!


Here’s something that I’m trying to wrap my brain around.  God is inside of me.  We all hear that.  Right?  God is inside of me.  But, I never felt that.  It never felt like I was walking around with someone inside of me (except when I was lugging around a 10 lb baby).  It’s always been very abstract to me.  It still is, but it’s getting a little clearer.  All of the love and wisdom that is God – is somewhere in my soul.  It’s squished in there between all of the thoughts that run through my head.  If I can clear out some of those thoughts, there’s more room for that Spirit to hang out.  It grows!  I just have to clear out all of the thoughts in my head.  If I want to make more room for God, I have to quit thinking about what happened yesterday and what’s going to happen tomorrow.  I need to just focus on what’s happening right now and I need to clear out the trash in my head.  Easier said than done.


Here’s another mind blower.  Those thoughts that we have – aren’t the real us.  They’re the outside us, not the inside us.  The Molly with all of those thoughts running through her head all day long is the Molly that people see, but it’s not the real and true Molly.  The real and true Molly is the quiet Spirit that is chock full of God’s love and wisdom.  Jeesh, I want to meet her!  I don’t even know her.  I just know the outside Molly that’s thinking about everything she has to do and what she’s going to make for supper and when she’s going to get to babysit her granddaughter.  All of those things are important because I have responsibilities to my family and friends and work.  But I also have a responsibility to my inside Molly.  I have a responsibility to get to know her.  I need to get to know her.  I need to get to know her, because I need to remember who God is.  I say remember because it’s in there.  I just have to unbury it and dust it off.  I need to dust off God!  Oh, I crack myself up.  So, we have to turn off the noise in our head in order to get to know our inside selves and to get to know God.  Huh.  Ok.  How do we do that?  It ain’t easy.  Let me tell ya.


So to meditate (or turn off the noise in your head) it helps to start in a quiet place.  After you practice it a lot, you can do it anywhere.  But, I need a quiet room.  I do this all day long.  In the morning when I first wake up, in the afternoon, and in the evening and anytime I have a few minutes of nothing to do.  Instead of hopping on facebook, just do and think about nothing (still kinda like being on facebook).  So to do that, it helps to close your eyes.  You can start with a visualization of your happy place or you can just jump right in.  There are about a million different ways to do this and you should research them to see what works for you.  But here’s some ideas.  You could keep repeating a word over and over or you could be silent.  Whatever works for you.  You could use a guided meditation like head space or you could do it on your own.  Again…. whatever works for you.  But no matter what style you like to use thoughts are going to pop into your head.  In the beginning they’ll pop in a lot.  There are lots of things you could do with those thoughts.  You could just picture them floating away.  You could say to yourself, “It’s just a thought” and erase it.  You could say to yourself “quiet” and push it out.  Whatever works.  That’s the one that I tend to do.  Every time I have a thought (which is a lot) I just say to myself “peace” and I push the thought away.  You could also visualize a glowing light in your mind that represents God.  Or you could even feel that warm glow wrapping itself all around you in a warm, toasty hug.  Whatever works.  The point is, you need to sit in quiet so you can dig through all the stuff that’s in  your head so you can find God and dust Him off.  While you are at that, you’ll find the inside you too.  Your inside you (or soul) is hanging out with God.  Cleaning out all of your thoughts is not east work.  It’s not for lightweights.  It takes practice and work, but you WILL get better at it.  You WILL get rewards for it.  Great big huge rewards.  Giant rewards.  Really, really, really great rewards.  Get the picture?  It’s worth it.


So, take a few minutes every day, as many times a day as you can, to stop what you’re doing and focus on the inside you.  The you that is pure love.  The you that you are meant to be.  The you that is in God’s image.  The you that is your spirit and soul.  I really believe that we all meet back up with the inside us when we die, but wouldn’t it be cool to meet up before then?  Wouldn’t it be cool to connect with God before we die?  Wouldn’t it be cool if we could hang out with Him now?  You can.  That’s what meditation is.  Meditation is hanging out with God.  How incredible!  Happy meditating!!


Wishing both the outside you and the inside you, all the peace in the world,