Bad energy out – Good energy in

I woke up to the news that Matt Lauer had been fired from the Today Show.  Shocking to me.  I don’t know Matt Lauer.  I’ve never met him.  But, I’ve watched the Today Show for 30 years.  While you don’t know TV personalities, you start to feel like you have a relationship with them.  And now someone I’ve watched for a long time has made a mistake.  A big mistake.

It’s all still fresh and new, but I’m going to guess that many, many people will pass judgement on him.  They will point fingers and maybe even call him names.  At the very least, he will become the butt of jokes.  That’s sad.  This whole thing is sad.  I’m so sorry for the woman/women who he hurt.  It took such courage for her to come forward with this news.  It couldn’t have been easy for her.  I feel so sorry for Matt’s family.  They’ll be deeply hurt by his actions and it will change their family forever.  I feel so sorry for Matt that his mistakes are being put on public display.  I feel so sorry for our country that people will mock him and judge him and possibly even be angry with him because that is just adding to the negative energy.  Remember negative energy creates more negative energy and positive energy creates more positive energy.  What you put out, you get.  If America puts out negative energy and makes fun of him or judges him, they’ll open themselves up for negative energy to find them.

Guess what?  I chose the gossipy negative energy route this morning.  Yep.  I felt my adrenaline get all up and I was actually excited about his drama.  Forget about the people involved.  Forget about that fact that people are really hurting.  I was excited.  So, I quick sent a gossip text to my friend (before the news story was even over) so I could be the first one to spread that news.  Talk about throwing the door wide open to invite negative energy into my life.  Yep.  That’s what I did.  I created negative energy, which means I invited it into my life.  Good job Molly.  Good job.  So now what do I do?  I gave negative energy a self-addressed, stamped envelope, invitation to walk right on into my life.  How do I get it back out again?  How do I get rid of that?  If I want positive energy to come in, then I need to start sending it out.  I need to start creating it.  That means going through the steps to contentment.  Jeez o peez.

Step 1 – Own it

I gossiped about Matt Lauer and felt excited for his drama, which invited negative energy to come right on in to my life, but I am going to work to bring love back into my life.


Step 2 – Know it and let it go

Why did I gossip about Matt and feel excited about his painful situation?  “I love other people’s drama and the energy that surrounds that drama”  Why do you love that drama?  “Because it shows that other people make mistakes and not just me.”  What are you afraid of that makes you feel better when other people make mistakes?  “I’m afraid that I’m the only one who messes up.”  Why are you afraid of messing up?  “People may find out that I’m really a hot mess.”  Why are you afraid of people finding out that you’re a hot mess?  “Because then they won’t like me.”  Why are you afraid that they won’t like you?  “Because I’m afraid that I’m unloveable.  I’m afraid that no one will love me.”  Bingo! 

Well that’s not a pretty process to go through.  But I need to do that if I want to get closer to my Spirit.  Now I can say: “I’m afraid that people won’t love me and because of that I took pleasure in someone else’s pain.  I’m sorry for that and I release this fear to you God”


Step 3 – Gratitude

I am so grateful that I get to take another whack out of my “I’m afraid that no one will love me” fear monster.

I am so grateful that I get the chance to try and get closer to my Spirit

I am so grateful that my friends are understanding

I am so grateful for the love of my husband and kids.

I am so grateful that I get to try and help other people not make the mistakes that I make.


Step 4 – The energy you make is the energy you get

I created negative energy when I gossiped about Matt Lauer and when I was excited for his drama.  That just opened my door wide open and I invited negative energy to enter into my life.  I’m going to quick shut that door and turn it around by creating positive energy.  I truly wish the woman who he hurt much peace and happiness.  I pray that this will lead her closer to her Spirit and not further away.  I pray that Matt Lauer, his family and friends will find peace and that this will lead them closer to their Spirit and not further away.  I am not going to gossip about this anymore.  I will try to help other people learn from my mistake so that they don’t invite negative energy into their lives like I did.


Step 5 – Make room for God

I’m going to stop writing now so that I can spend time with God by meditating.  It’s not about what method I use to meditate or for how long, it’s about really feeling God’s presence in my soul.  It’s about emptying my mind so that I can concentrate on Him and be with Him.  You know how when little kids go on and on and on and on about their day and you start to tune them out.  You just sort of pretend to listen.  You can do that with meditation.  You can just sort of pretend to meditate.  You can push the thoughts away and say the words or visualize the scene, but you aren’t feeling God.  You aren’t thinking about God.  I’m going to try and not do that.  I’m going to try and not “sort of” meditate.  That’s all I can do.  Try.  Wish me luck!


I wish you all the peace and love in the world,




News Update:   Well I really worked on the steps to contentment.  I worked hard at them.  Then I went out to supper with a friend and BOOM.  Gossipy Molly came back.  It is so hard to stop that.  It’s just easy to slip into negative energy.  It’s HARD to go with the positive energy sometimes.  It’s just hard.  At least it is for me.  But, I’m trying.  I’m trying to get better.  I’m trying to put positive energy out there because I want to invite that into my life.  I’m trying to get closer to my Spirit because I know that’s my purpose in this life.  It really is.  But, a lot of times I take one step forward and 2 or 3 back.  But, that’s life I guess.  We aren’t supposed to be perfect at this stuff right out of the gate.  It takes years and years of working at it, not days or weeks or months – it takes decades.  So, I’ll keep plugging along at the steps and I’ll keep trying to stop my gossiping.  I’ll keep trying to invite only positive energy into my life and not negative.  But boy, oh boy is this hard to do.  I hope you all are better at this than I am.  But, I’m not going to quit.  Why?  Because I’ve caught a tiny glimpse of the real Molly and I like her.  A lot.  I want to find her.  I’m not going to get mad at myself for messing up.  I’m not going to beat myself up for not being perfect.  I’m just going to keep trying.  Wish me luck!