Oh Christmas tree… Oh Christmas tree…

I just learned that a business I know about has decided not to put up their Christmas tree this year.  Well that ticked me off well and proper!  I just know they are doing that to be politically correct.  Heaven forbid we offend someone who doesn’t believe in Christmas!  Forget the fact that they just offended me.  What the heck!  Do we all have to give up everything we believe in and become little puppets?  I watched a movie the other day where the world had nearly come to a violent and bloody end.  A group of people created a seemingly utopian society where everyone was the same.  Nobody was different.  They even took a pill to eliminate color vision so everyone saw in black and white.  Race would not be an issue because they all, literally, saw in black and white.  They took another pill to get rid of feelings, so nobody would get mad or scared or even happy.  They were just emotionally numb.  They all lived in similar houses and wore clothes according to their jobs or grade in school.  They didn’t have children.  There were women who were “birthers” who did that and then people were assigned a child to raise.  Two kids per home – one boy and one girl.  Nobody could get jealous of anyone because they were all the same.  Guess what happened to people when they got old?  Yep.  They were killed.  Guess what happened to babies who were born different?  Yep. They were killed.  You can’t have a world where everyone is exactly the same.  Why?  BECAUSE WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!

It’s ok to be different.  It’s good to be different.  Do you want to wear the exact same outfit every day?  Do you want to eat the exact same food every day? Oh wait.  Bad example.  I do that.  The point is we’re all different and that’s great.  We’re supposed to be different.  I think if God wanted us all to be the same, He would have made us all the same.  Maybe He wanted us to be different from each other so we could teach each other things.  Maybe, just maybe, if we all got to know each other we would learn some things from each other and we might find out that we aren’t really so different after all.  Hmmm.

Different doesn’t mean bad.  Different doesn’t mean wrong.  Different doesn’t mean inferior.  Different means different.  Do you think the same way your co-workers think?  Do you think the same way your friends think?  Do you think the same way your family thinks?  No.  When did it happen that people began to think it was their way or the highway?  When did it happen that people started to think “I’ll like you as long as you think the way I do”?

I think the problem is, difference scares us.  And a lot of times scared comes out as angry.  Think about it.  If someone thinks waaaay different than you do, what if other people start to agree with them?  What if they start to look at you like you’re wrong?  Yikes!  So, if we’re scared of people who are waaaay different from us, what should we do?  Should we turn into that movie where difference is not allowed?  Should we try to kill each other off?  Should we yell at each other and scream our opinions loud enough that people will change their minds?  Because you know screaming really gets people to listen to you and agree with you.  Not.  What are we supposed to do?  Well, if you read my blog, you already know what I’m going to say.  THE STEPS TO CONTENTMENT of course!

Here’s what the whole world needs to do.  And I’m sure that they’re all reading this blog, so everyone around the globe will jump on this.  Ok.  Maybe not everyone in the whole world reads this, but for the couple of dozen who do, here’s what should happen in the world according to Molly:

Step 1:  Own it

People need to say “I’m mad that other people get to shove their beliefs down my throat by putting up a Christmas tree”. Or, if you’re on the other side of the great Christmas tree debate say “I’m mad that other people get to shove their beliefs down my throat and won’t allow public Christmas trees”.  You can’t stop there though, you need to end it with “But I’m going to work to bring peace to my life”.  Step one is just that easy.  Own up to it.  Don’t try to tell yourself that you aren’t mad because good people don’t get mad.  Don’t try to ignore it.  And don’t forget to add the “but”- but, I’m going to work to bring peace to my life.  On to step two!


Step 2:  Know it and let it go

Next you have to dig down deep to find out why you’re scared.  That means asking yourself a lot of hard questions.  So here I go.  I’m mad that businesses feel like they can’t put up a Christmas tree.  Why?   Because this is America and people should be able to do what they want as long as it’s not hurting anybody.  Why are you scared that you can’t do what you want?  Because it’s not fair that people seem to care more about what one group wants and they don’t care about what the other group wants.  Not what I asked.  I asked  why are you scared that you can’t do what you want?   Because if people tell me what I can and can’t do, then they’re controlling me.  I don’t like that.  Why are you scared of people controlling you?  Because then I’m not in charge of my life.  Why are you scared to not be in charge of your life?  Because if somebody else is in charge they could mess it up.  Why are you scared of someone messing up your life?  Because I’ve worked hard to create a good life for myself where people like me and care about me.  I don’t want that changed.  Why does it scare you to think that people won’t like you or care about you?   Because I don’t want to be alone and unloved.  Why does it scare you to be alone and unloved?  Because that means something is wrong with me.  Why are you scared that something could be wrong with you?   Because if something’s wrong with me people won’t like me and I’ll be alone and unloved.  Huhh.  We seem to be going in circles.  Must have hit the bottom of it and, once again, it comes down to the same thing.  My biggest fear monster.  There’s something so wrong with me that I will be left alone and unloved.  So, I’m not really mad that people won’t allow public Christmas trees.  That just stirred up my fear monster and it came out as anger.   Huh.

The next part of step 2 is letting it go. That’s the easy part.  All I have to do is say “I have a huge fear of being unloved and left alone God, but I release it to You.  Do with it, what You will.”   That’s it.  That’s all folks.  Now it’s your turn (doesn’t matter which side of the Christmas tree debate you’re on).  Find out what your deep, down fear really is.  It takes a while.  This took me about 15 minutes to figure out.  But, then again, I’m a little slow.


Step 3: Gratitude

Here’s the fun part.  Being grateful makes you feel like what you have is enough.  It actually takes fear and pain and breaks it up into tiny, little pieces that just poof, disappear and get replaced with peace.  You don’t notice much in the beginning, but if you do it enough you’ll notice a huge difference.  It’s like chipping away at a big block of ice.  At first, just little chips come off.  Then whole chunks come off.  And before you know it, the huge block is all broken up.  Same thing.  Soooo….. I’m going to say “I’m so grateful that I get to face my fears so I can break them up.  I’m so grateful that my family loves me even if they might not always agree with me.  I’m so grateful that I have friends who don’t care how weird I am.  I’m so grateful that I get to live in a world where people are different.”  That’s it.  That’s step 3.  It makes you feel good to do step 3, so I’ll be doing this one all day today.  Much better than step 2 where you have to look at your ugly laundry.  On to step 4.


Step 4: Energy out is energy in

If you believe that God is in you – I mean really and actually living in your soul, then you have to believe that every single person on this earth is connected to each other.  If God is in me and God is in you than, like it or not, we’re connected to each other through Him.  We have to be.  So if we’re connected than what happens to you affects me in some way.  It might be in a teeny, tiny way, but it affects me.  Let’s say that you’re tied to someone else with a tiny, little 2 foot long piece of rope.  You are completely affected by what they do.  If you both want to go to the right, yay!!   You’re both putting out positive energy and you’re going where you want to go, but you’re still connected to each other. What they do affects you.  A lot.  But what if they put out negative energy?  What if they want to go left and you want to go right?  Now you’re really affected.  You have to struggle to go the way you want to go.  They could even pull you right off your feet! What if you’re also connected to a different person but their rope is 6 feet long?  You’re still affected.  If they want to go left and you want to go right, it’s still a struggle, but at least you’ll probably stay on your feet.  Now let’s say that yet another person comes along and is attached to you, but their rope is 60 feet long.  You barely feel that person move.  If they want to go left and you want to go right, it will take a while for you to notice.  They need a lot more negative energy to knock you off your feet!  You know they’re there, but they hardly affect you.  Guess what?  You got it.  One more rope.  Now let’s say you get attached to someone who has a rope that’s 60 miles long.  You may not even know you’re attached to them.  They don’t affect you at all.  You live your life just fine with them there.  They can go where they want and you can go where you want.  They would have to put out a LOT of negative energy to knock you off your feet.  Get where I’m going with all this?  We’re all connected to each other.  The people closest to you, like your family and friends might be on a 2 foot rope, while the people who live in the same town as you might be on a 6 foot rope.  And people who live across the planet are on a 60 mile rope.  But, we’re all connected to each other.  We all affect each other.  So what happens to that person in the Middle East, will sooner or later get back to you.  You just hope they’re going the way you want them to.  You hope they’re putting out positive energy.

So it’s all about energy when you’re connected to each other.  But, who gets to decide which direction to go?  Who gets to decide if energy is positive or negative?  Who gets to decide if the public Christmas tree goes up or not?  Good questions.  Glad you asked.  I think when we’re moving towards the Spirit of God in our soul, we’re putting out positive energy.  When we’re moving away from our soul, we’re putting out negative energy.  So how does this relate to the great Christmas tree debate?  Who’s right?  Tree or no tree?  It’s not about the tree.  It’s about the fact that we’re all connected and we need to treat each other with love and respect.  We need to move closer to God and He doesn’t care if we have a tree or not.  We need to treat each other with kindness.  If people want to put up a tree, be kind to them.  Love them.  Positive energy.  If people want to put up a menorah, be kind to them.  Love them.  Positive energy.  If people want to wear certain clothes for religious purposes, be kind to them.  Love them.  Positive energy.  You get the point here?  It’s all about the energy that we’re putting out.

If you want to have contentment in your life, you need positive energy.  If you want to be unhappy, you need negative energy in your life.  And guess what?  Energy feeds off of itself.  Positive energy creates more positive energy while negative energy creates more negative energy.  That’s just the way it is.  Have you ever seen a video of an angry mob?  Talk about negative energy feeding off of itself.  The same is true for positive.  Walk into a room full of happy, laughing babies.  You can’t help but smile.  Positive energy creates positive energy.  Sooooooo if you’re putting negative energy out there, you’re opening the door wide open for negative energy to come back to you.  If you’re putting positive energy out there, you’re opening the door wide open for positive energy to come back to you.  So, it’s my job to put out lots of positive energy so that I can get that back.  I need to treat all people with kindness and respect and love.  I’m connected to them through God.  God is in them.  If I can’t be nice to them, I can be nice to the Spirit of God that is in them.  Just that simple.  What goes around comes around.  You will reap what you sow.  Kharma will bite you in the _____.  Wow!  That was a very long way to say:  Energy out is energy in.


Step 5: Make room for God

This is my favorite step.  I love this step.  I try to do this step off and on all day long.  So, if the Spirit of God is really and truly in my soul.  Then I should probably hang out with Him.  I think that everything we do all day long is either bringing us closer to that Spirit or it’s moving us away.  We don’t move away from Spirit because we’re mean, evil people.  We do it because we want to hide from our real fears.  I think I’m mad because someone is telling someone else that they shouldn’t put up a public Christmas tree, when actually they just stirred up my “I’m going to be alone and unloved” fear monster and it came out as anger.  I put up a brick to try to block out that fear monster without even knowing that it’s also blocking me from Spirit.  I’m building a whole fortress to hide from that fear monster.  And now that fortress is between me and my soul.  Didn’t see that one coming.  I just wanted to hide from my fear monster and now I’m standing here all alone on the outside of the wall with my real self on the other side.  So what do I do?  I create a new me.  A me that lives on the outside of the wall away from that fear monster.  This outside me tries to keep me safe from the fear monster by doing things like telling little white lies so I don’t have to deal with confrontation.  It gossips about other people so I look better.  It watches trash TV so I don’t have to be alone in silence to think.  My outside self is actually taking me further away from my real inside self.  Talk about an identity crisis!  Over the years, we get so far away from our real, inside self (our soul) that we forget who we really are and we actually becomes who we made up.  So now, we’re all walking around as imposters.  We actually believe we’re this person.   What we need to do is, stop.  Turn around.  And face our fear monster.  The all the way down, deep fears.  The “I’m not going to tell anybody about this fear” fear.  So, I’m going to try and turn the bus around.  I’m using these steps to try and chip away at that monster so I can climb back over the wall that I made.  So, let’s see.  where did I leave off on the steps to contentment?

I took responsibility for being mad that someone would think there should be no public Christmas trees.  I dug down deep to find out why that made me mad and found out that I’m not actually mad, I’m actually scared.  When people start to tell other people what they can and can’t do, I get scared that they’re going to tell me what to do.  This makes me scared that they’re going to start changing things and they’ll mess up the life that I’ve made for myself where I have family and friends who care about me.  If they mess that up, I might end up alone and unloved.  So I can either go left and ignore the real fear and convince myself that I’m just mad at those people for ridding the world of public Christmas trees.  I could start talking bad about them and making fun of them and put out a bunch of negative energy.  Or I could turn around and face my fear and do these steps to help chip away at it.  I could move closer to my soul and put out a bunch of positive energy.  This fear monster is what’s separating me from God’s spirit in my soul.  The more I chip away at it the closer I move back to Him.  I think I’ll go with that second thing.  I’m going to do the steps to contentment.  Jeez this is a lot of work.  I guess I’m ready to hang out with God in the last step.

There are gobs of ways to hang out with God, but the best way for me is through visualization and meditation.  So, I’m going to use my meditation bracelet and picture in my head a warm, bright light.  I’m going to picture God putting His arms around me and holding me while I go through the 3 lines that I use to meditate (if you want to read more about that, just go to meditation button in the menu bar).  That’s it.  That’s all I have to do.  Jeez o Peez!  That took me half an hour to get through!  This is hard work!  It’s a whole lot easier to just keep believing my fake outside self who thinks I’m mad at the Christmas tree haters of the world.  It’s much easier to just gossip about those people and try to make people think I’m the right one.  I’m the one they should believe.  Christmas tree haters are the bad ones.  That way, it’ll throw them off the scent that maybe I’m not such a great person and that I have a fear monster the size of Texas living in me.  Don’t want anyone to know that.  No sirree.  I want people to think I’m just great so they’ll like me and I won’t be alone.  But ignoring the fear monster will not bring me happiness.  And I’m all about creating happiness for myself.

So what on earth does all this rambling have to do with whether we should have public Christmas trees or not?  Ok, I got a little side-tracked.  Shiny things.  I guess my point is, we need to be kind and loving to each other.  To everyone.  There’s nothing wrong with having a Christmas tree, as long as it moves you closer to your soul.  There’s nothing wrong with having a menorah as long as it moves you closer to your soul.  There’s nothing wrong with dressing a certain way according to your religious beliefs as long as long as it moves you closer to your soul.  Everybody has to do what everybody has to do to get back to the Spirit of God in their soul.  I don’t want to live in a world where everyone is the same and where I have to believe what they tell me to believe.  I want to live in a world where it’s ok to have a Christmas tree and it’s ok to have a menorah and it’s ok to pray towards Mecca.  It’s ok to be who you are. It’s ok.  Energy out is energy in.  Besides, it’s really not about the Christmas tree anyway.  It’s about facing the fact that when our deep down fears get stirred up we need to stop putting up defenses and instead look at that ugly old fear.  So, have a tree, don’t have a tree, just be kind to each other and understand that we’re all just trying to face our fear monster.  We’re all connected.  Energy out is energy in.  Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Kwanzaa!

Peace To All And To All A Good Night!