Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

Christmas is only 2 days away!  I love this time of year.  It just seems like people are nicer to each other.  Doesn’t it?  Maybe that’s me.  Talk about everyone being connected to each other!  When people are happy it spreads.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or anything else.  Happiness just seems to spread.  I could tell you why, if you really want to know.  Ok.  You twisted my arm.  I’ll tell you.  It’s because energy feeds off of itself and we’re all connected to each other.

So, we’re just energy.  Right?  We’re made out of a bunch of atoms that just bounce around off of each other.  If you had night vision goggles, you could see the energy coming off of us.  It makes heat that the goggles can see.  If you had a big enough microscope, you could see those atoms bouncing around like crazy.  Our soul is made up of energy.  If we had a powerful enough microscope, we could see it.  But we don’t have that kind of technology.  It doesn’t mean it’s not there.  Just like a 100 years ago, we were still made up of atoms – we just didn’t have the technology to see them yet.

So we’re just this energy.  And energy feeds off of itself.  I’ve never been part of an angry mob, but I’ve read that people do things they wouldn’t normally do because they get caught up in the moment.  It’s that negative energy growing and spreading.  It gets them all hyped up and they go a little crazy for a time.  The same thing happens with positive energy.  When there is LOTS of positive energy, people do things they wouldn’t normally do.  They may talk to strangers.  They may hug someone they don’t even know.  Happiness grows and spreads.  You just feel happier when you’re surrounded by happy people.  It’s darn near impossible to be in a room full of giggling, laughing babies and not smile.  Their positive energy grows and spreads.  It can’t help itself.  Positive energy feeds off of positive energy.  Negative energy feeds off of negative energy.

Why does this energy spread?  Because we’re all connected to each other.  If you believe that God’s really and truly in your soul – I mean you believe He is really  in you and not just symbolically in you.  And God is really in everyone else.  Then we’re connected to each other.  God can’t be in me and also be in you and us not be connected to each other.  So, what happens to you affects me.  What happens to me, affects you.  Picture yourself being tied with a short piece of ribbon to your closest family members and your closest friends.  You’re very connected to them because they’re such a big part of your life.  You really get affected when things happen to them.  Now picture a longer ribbon connecting you to your extended family, friends, and co-workers.  What happens to them still affects you, but not as much as the people you love.  Follow me here?  Now imagine there’s an even longer ribbon connecting you to the people who live in your town.  Maybe when you go through the checkout lane at the store, the cashier is extra kind.  That affects you.  Or maybe they’re having a really bad day and they’re nasty to you.  That affects you.  Not as much as it would if someone you love was nasty to you, but it affects you.  You can probably guess what I’m going to say next.  Now imagine a super-dee-duper long ribbon connecting us to people living half-way around the world.  What they do really won’t affect us much.  But if there’s enough energy attached to it, we’ll sure feel it.  Why?  Because we’re all connected to each other.

If you were an adult on Sept 11th, 2011 you remember this idea of everyone being connected and energy feeding off of itself.  The actions of terrorists GREATLY affected people all around the world.  Not just here in America, but around the world.  I don’t know one person who died that day, but I was affected.  Negative energy could have mushroomed out and spread all over the world.  But it didn’t.  Because enough positive energy was sent out that it stopped it from spreading.  It wasn’t mass chaos and mob action.  There weren’t people looting in the streets and riots taking place.  Because positive energy was spread.  For a short period of time, people were just sick of the violence.  They were just sick of it.  Do you remember that feeling?  We were all scared and afraid about what was happening in the world, but we came together.  Strangers were talking to each other.  People were coming together.  Tragedy does that.  It pulls people together.  Because we’re all connected.  And when the negative energy gets to be too much, we literally decide enough is enough.  We decide that we need each other.  We actually feel connected because we all have this shared tragedy.  I sure wish we could bottle that up and sprinkle it around without having a tragedy.

I’m the worst at this.  We’ve had people living next door to us for about 5 years and we still call them “The new neighbors” because we usually forget their names.  We see them once a year when I take over Christmas cookies.  Isn’t that sad?  Why can’t I get my lazy butt over there in June?  Why do we close ourselves off and act like we don’t need each other and we aren’t connected to each other.  Beats me.  I guess because we think it’s easier.  Or, maybe because we get too busy with our own lives.  Or, maybe we’re scared they’ll think we’re weird and they won’t want to talk to us in June.  Who knows why.  But, I think I just might take them some June 25th cookies this year!

That’s why Christmas time is such a happy time for some and such a miserable time for others.  People feel that energy.  It spreads.  But, for some people Christmas isn’t a good time of the year.  Some people are so lonely or sad that seeing other people happy hurts.  Sometimes it just reminds you of what you’re missing in your life and it makes you feel even lonelier or sadder.  Sometimes you just wish Christmas would hurry up and get over with so you can get back to your normal.  I’m terrible about putting myself out there with people I don’t know.  I’m shy and I’m afraid to get my feelings hurt.  But, if every person on this earth – heck if every person in one town – heck if every person reading this blog – could go to just one lonely person and tell them that they care about them, what a change that would make in the world.  Talk about positive energy being spread!  We’re all connected.  It will come back to you.  I have a person who is popping up in my mind right now.  I’m going to go to him and just spend a few minutes.  I’m going to tell him that I care about him.  I care.  I don’t have to stay all day.  I don’t have to spend any money.  I just need to let him know that I care.  I care that he’s lonely and sad.  I care.  And I just had another thought.  I’m going to try and go to him once a month around the 25th.  I don’t know if I’ll keep it up or not.  Who knows?  But I’m going to try.  I’m going to try and make one person’s life a little less lonely.  I want that positive energy to get back to me so I’m going to spread it around.  It sure can’t hurt.  I hope you’ll do the same thing.  Think of one lonely person that you know and just visit with them.  It doesn’t have to be for long.  Just a few minutes.  It might make a huge difference in their life.  Spread positive energy.

This is really important if you’re the one who is lonely and feeling miserable this time of year.  If you’re feeling sad and alone, make a conscious effort to spread around some positive energy.  If you do, you will open the door wide for positive energy to enter your own life.  If you’re lonely, go and visit with someone else who is alone.  Spread that positive energy.  It will find you again.  It will come back to you.  Spread some positive energy around the world.  You don’t even have to do anything big.  Just smile at people you meet on the street and wish them much peace in their heart.  I mean really and truly send them thoughts of peace and happiness.  When you go through the checkout lane at the store, look at the cashier and truly ask them how their day is going.  Don’t just ask it in passing, but look at them and really mean it.  People feel the energy.  We’re all connected.  We’re all connected and energy feeds off itself.  Like the sayings go:  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!


Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases and all the peace in the world,