Stop the Violence

Well I have to talk about it.  For what it’s worth, I have to put in my two cents about the latest school shooting.  This time it was in Florida.  Sometimes it just feels like the whole world is going crazy.  What’s happening here?  Everybody has their opinions and I have no idea who’s right.  I suppose it’s a whole combination of things.  I think it’s a complex problem with a complex answer.

Initially, this post was full of judgements.  That was my initial reaction.  I blamed politicians.  I blamed parents.  I blamed video games.  I blamed the economy.  I blamed the lack of proper mental health care in this country.  I blamed a whole lot of people and things.  The fact is, this problem was a long time in coming and it’s cause is a combination of many, many, many things.  I think what it boils down to is what I’ve been writing about in my blogs.  We’ve forgotten our true purpose and we’ve forgotten our true selves.  We think we’re our outside selves.  We forgot that we’re beautiful souls who just happen to have a body.  All of us – including the shooter.  Including the people who died.  Including the people who want to keep their guns.  Including the people who want to ban guns.  Everyone on this earth is a beautiful, perfect soul.  But, we’ve gotten so far from God, that we’ve forgotten that.  The young person who killed so many in Florida could be mentally ill.  Or it could be that his outside self got so far removed from his soul that he committed unspeakable acts.  Or it could be a combination of the two.  I really don’t know.

So what do we do?  How do we solve this horrific problem?  With love.  That sounds simplistic – and it is.  But it’s also incredibly hard.  Think about it.  How deeply and perfectly do you love yourself?  Now think about how deeply and perfectly you love everyone else in the world?  Yikes.  I’m in serious trouble.  We are all in serious trouble.  I don’t deeply and perfectly love myself.  Why?  Because I can’t see and feel my soul enough.  I only have glimpses of my real self.  If I don’t love myself deeply and perfectly (and myself is actually my soul).  And my soul is the perfect and loving image of God.  Then I don’t deeply and perfectly love God.  That’s embarrassing.  I want to.  I don’t.  I don’t think many people do.

So again, I say “What do we do”?  We actively work on loving our real selves – our souls.  We remember that because God is actually in us and He is actually in everyone else in the world, then we are all connected.  We are connected.  All of us.  Not just the people we like.  All of us.  Because we are actually connected by the energy of God (not just symbolically) then we can actually send people love and peace.  We can actively solve this problem.  Each of us.  We can’t expect other people to solve this problem.  We have to do it.  Each and every one of us.  I don’t have any big answers.  I’m not a powerful person and I don’t have a loud voice with a large audience.  I’m just one person.  I’m just a wife, a mom and a grandma.  But, in my small piece of this world, I can ACTUALLY affect someone around the world.  Why?  Because I am ACTUALLY connected to them through my soul.  So what can I do?  I can visualize my light (my soul) connected to theirs and I can send them much love and peace.  Sounds simple.  It is.  It’s also powerful.  I’m powerful in ways I never knew existed.  So are you.  So I spend time everyday seeing my soul connected to others and sending them much love and peace.  I send such love and peace to the people affected by violence.  I send such love and peace to people who are grieving.  I send such love and peace to people who feel alone and afraid.  I send such love and peace.

Here’s where I’m going to lose people.  I send such love and peace to the Florida shooter and all criminals.  That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to be punished and it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to be locked up.  He does.  First of all every time we move away from God we’re punished.  Not by God.  By ourselves.  We choose to move away and that causes us pain and suffering.  But, that’s another blog.  Here’s where I think we have a huge problem in this world.  I’ve said before that we only have two true feelings.  We are either at peace or we’re scared of something.  And when we get down to the bottom of our fears, it’s that we aren’t loved.  When people consistently feel like they aren’t loved and nobody cares for them, they often act out in violent ways.  They often move further and further away from God.  That’s why our jails are so full.  It’s not because God lets people down and forgets about them.  It’s because we let God down and forget about Him.  So here’s a radical idea for you – take it for what you will.  I say we see ourselves connected to people in jail – people who have committed unspeakable acts of violence and caused untold pain.  And then I say we send them such thoughts of love and peace.  We don’t just pray to God and ask Him to send them love and peace, WE send them love and peace through our soul.  Power.  Such power.

We build prisons to keep people away from society so they can’t hurt us.  We need that.  They need that.  They shouldn’t be allowed to roam around hurting people.  But I think the problem comes after we send them there.  The problem is prisons are not places to just keep violent people away from society, they are a huge garbage can.  They are a place that we throw people away when they move so far from God that they commit horrific acts.  We throw them away.  We prove them right.  They aren’t loved.  And then they get out.  First of all, they still have a soul in them and that soul deserves our love.  Second of all, we are connected to them.  If they are hurting, we will hurt.  Why does their hurting hurt me?  They will get out.  And if they don’t get out, they can send out enormous amounts of negative energy.  That energy will affect me.  I’m connected to them whether I like it or not.  I need to send them thoughts of love and peace.  A lot of people are going to have trouble with this idea and I understand that.  And I also understand that it’s easy for me to say when I’m not grieving for my child.  I understand that.  If my child had been killed, it would take a long time for me to get to this place, if I ever did.

If you can’t send thoughts of love and peace to prisoners, send them to the people around you.  Send them to the people in your town.  Send them to the people in your state, your country, your world.  Send them to all of the children of the world.  If you’re really feeling brave, you can go up to people you may not even know and talk to them.  Show them love.  Show them kindness.  That’s a whole lot easier for me to say than do.  I really don’t like to talk to strangers.  It scares me to death.  I’m always afraid that they’ll think I’m weird.  I’m working on that.  Not easy.  But I can send people much peace and love.  I can see myself connected to everyone around me.  I actually try to do that throughout my day.  As I walk down the hallway at work, I try to visualize the light from my soul connecting to people walking past me.  It makes talking to them a lot less scary.

So that’s my solution to this problem of violence in our world.  I think we need to realize our power.  We are actually connected to each other through the energy of our souls.  And because of that connection, we can send each other thoughts of peace and love.  They will feel it.  They may not know why, but they will feel it.

So that’s my thoughts, for whatever they’re worth.  I almost think it’s like having a whole bunch of people standing in the kitchen of a house and staring at the gas stove.  They’re good people who want the world to be a better place.  They don’t want anyone to get burned, so they’re talking about the dangers of the stove.  Kids have been burned by it.  Homes have been destroyed by it.  Houses have blown up because of them.  The problem is, while they’re standing around looking at the stove and thinking it’s the problem, the whole upstairs of their house is on fire.  There are flames shooting out the windows.  The roof is engulfed.  And they don’t even notice that.  They aren’t talking about the fact that their house is on fire.  They’re talking about how dangerous the stove is and how it could start a fire or hurt someone.  We need to start looking upstairs.  We need to take off our blinders and start noticing that we have become a world of disconnected people who don’t know that we are beautiful souls.  We don’t see how we are connected to each other.  The whole upstairs of our house is on fire and we’re standing around talking about how dangerous the gas oven is.  We need to start loving ourselves and others.  We need to start moving closer to God.  We need to feel Him in our lives.  We need to turn to Him.  It’s a complex problem.  It needs God.  Let’s give ourselves over to Him and let Him work His magic.  Maybe then we’ll stop killing each other.

Wishing you much peace and love,